Tricast Combination Betting Explained

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When it comes to sports betting, most tend to keep their selections broad, with the biggest potential for a payout to be awarded. However, for those that are extremely confident there are also highly specific options, such as Tricast betting. A slightly more forgiving version of the option is referred to as a Tricast Combination bet.

In both instances the punter is selecting 3 options in a race, and predicting that the choices will be placing first, second and third. Either way, both options are generally only recommended for those who are extremely familiar with their chosen sport, and have a very good idea of how they believe the event will unfold.

Tricast wagering options are most commonly provided for greyhound racing, horse racing, and athletics.

How It Works

In a Tricast bet the punter is, very specifically, stating which 3 options will win a race, and in which specific order they will win, first, second and third. As would be expected, the payout for such an extremely focused bet is generally very large, based on the risk versus reward rules of the sports betting industry. Note that in this case it is a single bet being placed, which covers the entire selection.

A Tricast Combination reduces the risk significantly, stating that the 3 choices may finish anywhere in the top 3. Naturally, given that the risk is reduced, the reward is also reduced. This variety of the option will generally cost 6 times as much as a Straight Tricast, given that it is a combination of 6 bets, covering the possible outcomes.

To be more precise; 6 total bets are being placed, generally of the same amount, making up the Tricast Combination bet.


Given the precise nature of these betting options, they are limited only to events that fit within a very specific category. Namely; the event must have 8 runners, dogs, horses or humans, and the event must, naturally, follow handicapping rules.

Handicapping ensures that, regardless of the potential difference between the runners in the event, that there is no overwhelming advantage. Which is to say; if a single horse is known to outperform other horses in a race by a vast margin, it will be weighted in order to reduce that advantage.

Is It A Good Option?

Tricast bets do pay out exceptionally well, but also come with significant risk. They are options intended for punters who are not only familiar with the sport, but have also taken great time and effort to research the runners in the event. Hence; only those who are confident in their knowledge of the situation should place bets of this nature.

There are far more forgiving, and significantly less risky betting options, all of which are far more likely to pay out. Beginner punters who are simply looking to have a bit of fun, enjoy the sport, and possibly walk away with a few dollars more than when they started might prefer Each Way betting, for example.