Three Great Reasons To Bet On Cricket

There are too many excellent reasons to bet on cricket to count. The thrill of the excitement provided by the game’s shorter formats played around the world has sparked a huge increase in interest in the sport and in gambling on the sport in recent years. Today, cricket is one of the most popular sports to bet on of them all.

Not only is betting on cricket a great way to potentially bag huge amounts of money, but the activity also creates a fantastic additional way for fans to connect and engage with the sport, their favourite teams and players, and even with one another because of a stellar common passion shared.

These are just some of our favourite reasons why almost anyone will love betting on cricket.

There Are Markets Aplenty

Cricket offers to bettors nearly too many markets (betting options) to count. Herewith a list of the most popular cricket markets:

  • Match prices
  • Over/Under
  • Man of the Match
  • Total Match Fours
  • Total Match Sixes
  • Total Team Fours
  • Total Team Sixes
  • Highest Number of Points Scored by a Player
  • Top bowler
  • Top-performing batsman
  • First Wicket Method

These markets not only create super winning opportunities, because win or lose, it remains amazing fun to engage this intimately with one’s favourite sport. Not even losing a bet could take away the actual enjoyment and thrill experienced by so many cricket-loving bettors the world over.

No Shortage Of Events

Cricket is practically crammed with events to wager on. Owing to the incredible number of competitions and tournaments played all over the world each year, cricket fans could probably bet on a different market part of a different format or competition every day of the year.

That the international cricket scene is home to so many events each year makes of cricket one of the most widely broadcasted sports in the world – meaning data-availability is no issue either.

Some of the most popular cricket events and competitions are:

  • The Cricket World Cup: Played once every four years, the Cricket World Cup is to many sports bettors the ultimate highlight and betting event. The World Cup, especially, has been known to create enormous value on the bet-lines.
  • The Ashes: The Ashes isn’t only a world-famous event, but also one of the events best loved and supported on the cricket calendar. Played once every two years, the rivalry between England and Australia draws massive amounts of attention from supporters, sports betting enthusiasts, and bookmakers alike.
  • The Indian Premier League (IPL): The IPL is one of the richest and most popular domestic cricket competitions in the world – and certainly India’s most prestigious to date. Not only do India’s cream of the crop compete in the annual IPL competition, but so do the sport’s top players from all over the world. Markets include outright betting and individual match markets.

As Easy As 1-2-3 To Understand

Even when only a rookie cricket bettor starting out, cricket bets and odds are supremely easy to understand. The only skill really required is learning how to spot value on the lines. This is easily mastered thanks to the gamut of information freely and readily available online.