The Inside Scoop on Soccer Totals Bets

Soccer Totals are a great option for bettors everywhere. They’re not difficult to understand, but you need to do a lot of research and apply your insights carefully. With a little time and patience, you can win your Totals on a satisfyingly regular basis.

Types of Totals

You can place a Total on whether the combined final score, made up of the number of points each team has at the end of play, will be higher or lower than what your sportsbook says it will be. You can also sometimes wager on the Total score at half-time, or on whether an individual team’s final tally will be over or under a pre-set amount.

Other Totals are possible too, and can involve the number of Yellow Cards handed out in a match, the number of Offsides that are called, and the number of Corners that are taken. Depending on your chosen bookmaker, you’ll be able to make these predictions for the end of play, at halftime, for the combined totals of both teams, for each individual team, or some combination of these options.

Team Behaviour Affects Totals Bets

The first thing you need to look at is what the weather will be. As a rule of thumb, extreme rain or heat can both be problematic. Rain can waterlog the pitch, which means the ball doesn’t travel as far as normal; heat makes players a lot more lethargic.

You should also consider the importance of the match. If the game is significant, such as a Group Stage event that will determine if a side moves on in the UEFA Champions League, teams are likely to be more defensive than usual and an Under bet, once again, is your bets option.

The general defensive and offensive record of each player and the entire squad, as well as their injury reports, also need to be taken into account. For instance, if Lionel Messi is injured and won’t be on the field for Barcelona’s next match this will impact Barça’s attack strength.

Bettor Behaviour

With Totals, you essentially need to know how teams are going to behave, by considering the issues outlined above and weighing them up carefully against each other. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to decide whether you’ll be putting your money on an Over or an Under result.

Before you place your wager, remember to consider how your fellow bettors will behave so you know how to get the best odds. Here, you need to watch line movement carefully. For example, with high-profile games most people make their predictions as late as possible, and place Over bets. If you’re putting money on an Over result, do it as early as possible to avoid reductions as a result of odds adjustments.

If you’re backing an Under result, your optimum odds will be just before betting closes at Australian sports betting sites.

Remember, however you choose to bet, you should never opt for an Odd/Even Total. All you’re doing is predicting whether the final tally will be odd or even – so it’s completely chance-based, and uses no insight at all!

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