Sports Match Trends Bettors Should Know

There are common behavioural and psychological trends seen in all sports, which can affect the performance of all teams and athletes. Knowing how to spot these, and combining that knowledge with your other insights on a game, can help you bet more successfully on moneyline wagers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most major trends seen across different disciplines, and how to use these when deciding who to back.

Rising Underdogs vs Falling Favourites

Have the favourites and underdogs for a particular event been slipping and performing well, respectively? Every team goes through phases over the course of a season, so this happens more often than you think and can be very profitable. Opposite phases can cause maximum payouts!

The Trap Game

The Trap Game is so-named because, essentially, a trap is set for a skilled team that is playing an inferior team first and then going up against a better squad a short time later. Basically, they get complacent about the weaker team, leaving them vulnerable. This is a great time to look out for value bets at Ladbrokes Australia on the underdog, as long as you find squads that are known to perform decently but have been having a bad run rather than bottom-of-the-barrels. Just remember that elite teams are less susceptible here, you want to look out for competent sides that are more liable to pull an Icarus and fly too close to the sun when facing off against opponents they deem to be unthreatening.

The Rebound Game

Rebounds tend to follow any bad loss, and when you consider how fierce the competition in the professional sporting world is, that’s not really surprising. Sub-par performances are followed by much better efforts.

If you’re putting money on a game where the favourite lost their last game badly, recency bias suggests that bookies will make their odds of winning unfavourably long. However, if you know that they’re a good team and will be dying to prove themselves, you can take advantage by backing them and making a tidy windfall.

The Game After

Whatever happened in the game before is going to affect the game that comes after, but we’ve assigned this name to matches that follow a decisive win. Just as the Rebound Game follows a morale-defeating loss, the Game After follows a glorious win.

Morale is high, of course, but athletes are also often physically, mentally and emotionally drained. This is something that happens to the best of us – we’re worried about having the other shoe drop and doing badly after doing well – and it’s something bettors can take advantage of.

You need to pay careful attention in order to identify a Game After scenario, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Check each side’s previous game, to see whether it was a high-profile event or led to some truly memorably plays or victories. If the favourites are in this position, they’ll have short odds and be riding high but may well fall victim to the Game After hangover. This is the perfect time for you to capitalise on undervalued underdogs!

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