Let’s Know More about Some of the Best Books about Gambling

Casino gambling.

When it comes to gambling advice, you can look far and wide online and find thousands of tips available. This is great for those who have time on their hands to trawling through all the advice out there in order to sort through everything they find before deciding if it’s useful or not. If you’re after concise tips in an easy to digest format, then heading to the Kindle Store or your local bookshop will yield a goldmine of book options. These are some of the best ones around:

  • Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions by Ben Mezrich

While this is by no means a current gambling book, no list is complete without at least paying homage to this book. It was so successful that the casino movies 21 and The Last Casino are based on events that took place within it. To summarise, the book details how six students in the early 1990s formed a blackjack club which managed to roll through Las Vegas and win millions.

  • Sharp Sports Bettingby Stanford Wong

Many sports betting books can be found, but the book by Wong showcases methods that are hard to follow on the first read, making you sit and learn how to employ the various concepts within. Re-reading Sharp Sports Betting is a given, since you’ll probably go through it several times, along with making notes. All of which will give you a rock steady ground base on which to start placing your very first sports bets.

  • American Casino Guide by Steve Bourie

The American Casino Guide by Steve Bourie is an annually updated classic that includes not only information on how to bet in various casinos around America and where casino coupons can be found, but what kind of tournaments are held annually, and where. As books go, many people swear by this one as being the one and only authority on gambling in the USA.

  • Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

As gambling books go, this is one of the earliest and most entertaining reads since it’s entirely fictitious, and doubles as the book which kicked off the fame of 007, aka James Bond. In it, brand new agent Bond heads to Madagascar to win a high-stakes poker game against a man who finances terrorists, with MI6 hoping that 007  will win against all odds and upend the organisation.

  • A Man for All Markets by Edward O. Thorp

With a 98% satisfaction rating on GoodReads, and an autobiography format, A Man for All Markets by Edward O. Thorp is a fascinating read about a professor at M.I.T who invented the card counting system and went on to visit Las Vegas and beat a very large variety of dealers. The authors straightforward approach to how he won at blackjack and roulette using mathematical and scientific methods led to higher than average winning odds for the author. Once he was satisfied with his strategy at casinos, he then moved on to play the stock market, successfully.