Reasons Why eSports Is So Popular With Bettors

Can you remember the days of Nintendo and the standard TV Game? We inserted game cards into a huge machine that was linked via cables to our televisions. We were hooked to the television screens and the idea of people playing against each other in a competition, was a past time that we all loved. But technology has evolved and the next level is beyond what our imagination could conceive.


What You Can Play And Bet On

Electronic gaming has become something that we can make a career out of it. In the early 2000’s we would have never thought of this as a possibility. The world has backed up this notion and mayor companies have come together to offer prizes and cash to whomever could win a tournament of players playing against each other.

These games feature everything from golf, to cricket and all your regular sports. It includes just about every game that you can find in the casino. But it also includes fantasy games. Titles like ‘League of Legends’, ‘Call of Duty’ and many others. Players practise for hours on end to become the best player that they can be, just like every other sporting event. Except this is not a regular sporting event, it is online gaming event.

Popularity of eSports

Of course, as is the way of the world, when tournaments of any form or fashion start to grow in popularity, one can be sure that the betting will start. Bettors can now enjoy placing bets on these games and win real big money. But what has made this industry so popular with bettors and why do they carry on betting on people, essentially playing computer games?

The first appeal is of course the fact that you can do all of this from the comfort from your own home. The registration process is a breeze and while sitting on your couch, you can enjoy watching people play in the tournament, while you place your bets. Like with sports betting, eSport betting has results that are completely out of your control as the bettor. This creates anticipation and excitement.

Out With Realism

Another great part of the world of eSport betting is that you are not restricted to sports that are real world or even realistic. If we take for example League of legends. This is a fantasy game filled with magic and other worldly things. Yet it is probably one of the biggest eSporting events with millions of people world wide not only playing it, but also betting on it.

Of course, the regular wrestling or horse racing games are available to bet on as well. The only thing that matters is how well your player or players of your betting team, plays their game. Be sure to look up some of these players before you simply start betting on them. But this would be something that you would do in any way, when betting on any other sporting event.