Playing Relaxing Casino Games

If you gamble responsibly, a visit to a casino can be a relaxing way to destress. Land-based, online or mobile, casinos afford an adrenaline rush every time you take a risk, and then throw other feel-good brain chemicals into the mix every time you actually win. Both physical boosts, in moderation, will lower stress levels.

You need to choose your game carefully, of course. The betting and play options in Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and Craps all require you to focus on the cards, and in some cases observe other players too. If you want your casino sessions to be truly relaxing, you need affordable games determined purely by luck, not the skill of the player.

These three options will allow you to place your bets, then turn the rest over to Lady Luck:


Bingo is ridiculously simple to play: you purchase as many cards as you like, containing numbers in a 5X5 grid, and then the casino draws numbers via RNG software.

Mobile Bingo sites will mark your cards automatically and alert you whenever you have a pattern of matches that win a prize. Cards are usually very affordable, so you can buy several per game, then relax and leave everything up to fortune.


Some casino regulars shy away from Roulette because the betting table looks complicated. This is a pity, because the variety of bets is part of what makes Roulette so satisfying.

In fact, the betting table becomes simple once you have been taught the basics, and thereafter Roulette betting is easy and stress-free. Assuming you are only wagering sums you don’t mind losing, as always.

There are several ways to combine bets that increase your chances of winning a small return, and occasionally much bigger windfalls. “Black plus Inner Column” is one such bet; so is “a Dozen plus a Column”.

Working out how to bet each combo is probably the most stressful part of the whole exercise. Once you have learnt how to place these bets, however, betting on Roulette and then watching the wheel spin becomes so soothing, it’s almost a form of meditation.


It is hardly surprising that slots attract by far the most action in all casinos: land-based, online or mobile. Slots games are ridiculously easy to play, and there are thousands of titles. They cater to every whimsical association a player might have: TV shows and movies, sports and board games, occupations, destinations and myriad more themes.

They also vary from simple and basic, with few bonus features, through a range of increasing complexity until they become multi-payline monsters, replete with progressive jackpots and bonus feature options. Some of these options rely on the player’s keyboard skills, and others are dependent on blind luck.

Apart from deciding how much you wish to bet per spin, however, and then setting the required number on the autospin function, a player has very little input in a slots game. Combine that with hypnotic graphics and music, and you probably have the most relaxing casino pursuit of all.