French Roulette from NetEnt at a Glance

French Roulette from NetEnt at a Glance

There are three types of roulette available in online casinos today. French Roulette, European Roulette and American roulette. Net Entertainment has always given their loyal customers a selection of different versions. The European roulette version was the first version of the game to catch on in a big way, and is still the favourite in most casinos in Europe today. This is because the European roulette wheels have but one green slot, which is the zero. The game contains 36 numbered slots equally divided between the red and black, with just the one green zero slot. This number is what gives the casino operators their edge. The house edge in European roulette is created when the roulette ball lands on that green slot.

French, European and American Roulette

The difference in popularity between European and American casinos in roulette has always been significant. This is primarily due to the fact that American Roulette has a second green slot for the ball to tumble into, namely a 00 number. This markedly increases the house edge in the game, and equally markedly decreased the popularity of the game amongst players. Netent, in fact, only introduced this game at their casinos in 2014, and then only to complete the range of options. Now the software developers have taken things a step further by introducing a French Roulette new product into the system. This quite nicely completes the full set of roulette variants for players.

French Roulette a New Game

Like interesting Mac bingo NZ, the rationale behind this development by Netent is quite clearly to cultivate a greater interest in this exciting game of chance. Historians believe that French roulette was the original version of this casino game that to this day retains an air of mystique. The word roulette, does, after all mean little wheel in French. French Roulette, new as it may be, certainly retains its origins, even showing some of the bets in French.

Playing French Roulette

French Roulette was only launched by Netent in the second quarter of 2014. Now, with French roulette new on the scene, roulette games at Netent casinos work well together, and have eye-catching tables and billboards. All three games are blessed with intuitive design, voice announcements and a thoroughly entertaining roulette playing experience.

Some lesser known facts about the French roulette game as a new addition to the Netent stable are that the roulette wheel was introduced by French brothers Louis Blanc and Francois Blanc to Germany. Gambling was illegal in France at the time, and in reality it was the Germans who ended up having the first taste of this new betting game.

The French Roulette New Features

According the representative at Android Roulette sites, Netents’ French roulette new game offers players the standard roulette bets and includes a single zero. There are numbers from 1-36 on the wheel, both inside and outside bets, and a beautifully designed 3D roulette wheel. The game is also highly variable in terms of settings and options, with a minimum bet of 1 coin all the way up to a maximum of 500 coins that will have high rollers salivating. Furthermore, the table is covered in a fetching blue colour, carries an active billboard and features racetrack betting with voice announcements for added realism.