Day of the Dead Online Slot in Review

Day of the Dead Online Slot in Review

IGT is well known for creating online casino slots games with a wide variety of themes with which to keep players entertained. Day of the Dead, launched in May of 2013, is one such game. The game’s theme is a celebration of the Mexican festival in which those who have passed on are remembered. So, if it’s zombies and gory imagery you’re after, this game is not at all what you are looking for. Instead, players will be greeted by beautiful, intricately designed images adorning the reels. Furthermore, the sounds that accompany these images are truly out of this world, making for an all-round fantastic experience.

Hexagonal Structure

The Day of the Dead online slots game’s structure mirrors that of a hexagon. In essence, what this means is that the first and fifth reels have three symbols, whilst the second and fourth reels have four symbols and the centre reel holds five symbols. In total, this online slots game has a total of 720 paylines. The symbols, which adorn these reels, are bright and colourful and feature the likes of punch bowls, fruit, flowers, a pie, skeletons, a skeleton band and the game’s official logo. While this structure may not be a common one when it comes to online slots game, it is one that works particularly well with this theme and adds to the overall feeling the game brings.

Day of the Dead Features

As discussed above, IGT’s Day of the Dead online slots game does not subscribe to a traditional structure like some mobile slots. It’s no different when it comes to this game’s features. For one, the MultiWay Xtra feature allows for players to win for spinning the same symbol in any position on the reels. If the same symbol appears in the same column, players then get to enjoy the benefits of multiplication. It must be noted, however, that players will only be awarded the winnings of the highest value combination per spin.

Day of the Dead Slot Features

Slots Bonuses

IGT tends to fuse traditional gaming principles with innovative ones, as mentioned above. But when it comes to traditional features, the Day of the Dead’s players can still benefit from Wild symbols, for example. In this instance, this symbol is represented by coffins. When a player spins these, they can substitute for any symbol in order to create a winning combination. The lady skeleton, on the other hand, could award players with up to 96 free spins. Should this symbol appear on five consecutive reels, the free spin bonus will be triggered.

The Day of the Dead online slots game is indeed one that IGT’s most unique offerings. With an interesting, bright and colourful theme, the game is sure to instantly attract players. Furthermore, the fact that the game doesn’t follow the structure of traditional online slots games means that players are more than likely willing to give this game a try, as it offers them something different to what they are used to. Furthermore, this game is well suited to players of every level of experience and for all budgets.