Biggest Super Bowl Bets Ever Made

The Super Bowl is a spectacle of sports. It’s huge – the teams and players are massive, the advertising budgets are epic, and the entertainment before, during and after the game is next level. It’s little wonder that people can spend millions betting on the outcome of this game every year. From celebrities to everyday people, big money is wagered on the Super Bowl and sometimes, big money is won too.

We take a look at some of the biggest legal known bets placed on the biggest entertainment and sporting spectacle the world has:

Rapper Birdman Tried To Get Two For Two

In 2011 and 2012, international rapper Birdman placed big bets on first the Packers and then the Patriots to win. His first bet saw him place a cool $1 million on the Packers simply because Lil Wayne, Birdman’s good friend, is a fan. The following year, he went for an even cooler $5 million on the Patriots – the favorites to win in 2012. Unfortunately, his second wager was not successful, but he did collect on his first one.

The world knows about these bets because Birdman hit Twitter up after his first one in 2011, saying that he “just cashed in a milli”. The following year, he claimed that he had already dropped $5 million and challenged his Twitter followers to match his money. 50 Cent replied with a $1 million bet on the Giants, which saw him win that year.

Mr Las Vegas Goes Big In 1989

Bob Stupak is a legend in the gambling mecca of the USA and is often referred to as Mr Las Vegas. In 1989, he made major headlines for placing a $1 million bet on the Super Bowl, the highest made at that point and a very significant amount of money back then. He went against the odds and put his money on the Bengals – definitely the underdogs against the mighty 49ers. It wasn’t a win for the gambling legend, but that was probably all right since he went on to win the Caesar’s Palace Super Bowl of Poker and gain a gold bracelet in Poker World Series in the same year.

2021 Didn’t Disappoint

With the most recent Super Bowl just completed, we can look at some of the big bets placed this year. There were a number that came in at the $1 million mark and even the $2 million mark. However, the biggest was $3.46 million from furniture store owner named Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale. He came from Huston to Colorado Springs to watch the big event live, and made his bet when he arrived.

His bet was good as he chose the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the win and they took out the Kansas City Chiefs by 31 points to 9. Although Mattress Mack did hedge his bet slightly by putting in a little extra money to get the Bucanneers at +3.5. It was worked out that he should have netted $2.47 million at the end of the day.