An Exclusive Review of 5 Knights Online Slot

Review of 5 Knights Online Slot

The 5 Knights slot machine game, created by NextGen, is an online gambling adventure. It uses a five reel, twenty five line play system, and is based around a Knights of the Round Table theme. It is simpler in design then some other online slot machine games, but still provides an interactive soundtrack, as well as a highly innovative and unique special feature. This game is available on mobile phones, tablets, and home computer. If you wish to play on your mobile phone, simply download the application, allow it to install, and tap the icon.

Standard Play Tiles

The 5 Knights slot machine game has a set of play tiles designed around the theme. They include a knight, a maiden, a gauntlet, and a sword and axe. The knight is the most valuable, and will pay big if matched with himself five times. Take note that the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards are also used.

Free Play or Real Play

The 5 Knights slot machine game is available to play for real or free like demo mode in no deposit pokies. You may play the game using virtual currency, simply to enjoy the graphics and sound. This may be done for as long as the player prefers, with no obligation at any point to spend real money. To do so, simply download the application and open it. Free virtual currency will be granted. Or, if you are playing on a laptop or home computer, simply open the game in a browser, and you will start with virtual currency already added. To play for real money, the player must have a valid account, and that account must be logged into. Once logged into your account, ensure you have play funds available, and start spinning. If no funds are in the account, please add funds by making a deposit, which can be done quickly and easily by clicking the appropriate link. If you have any questions about free or real play, consult the customer support centre of the casino on which you play.

5 Knights Online Slot Special Features

5 Knights Special Features

The 5 Knights slot machine game has a special feature not often seen. It uses a slide a wild feature, which is represented by a pair of arrows near the top of the play area. This pair of arrows may be slid back and forth, where it settles above the play reel of the player’s choice. The reel will be greatly enhanced, granting extra wilds and multipliers, allowing for an exciting, unique game play experience.

The game also has a wild tile, represented by a shield, which will match with any other tile and allow a winning sequence. The third special feature, the scatter tile, represented by a castle, will grant free spins if matched with itself at least three times. During the free spins, all matching sequences are worth double. The final special feature is the gamble option. After a win is achieved, the gamble button will ignite, to the left of the spin button. By clicking this button the player has the chance to increase a win, by guessing the colour or suit of a facedown playing card. If guessing correct, the win will be increased. This may be done as long as the player prefers, and my exit by selecting the collect win button.