A Short History of Scratch Cards

Traditional scratch cards were first created in 1974 in the United States. These were tied to the Massachusetts Lottery Commission and vastly increased their revenue. Scratch cards proved extremely popular and spread throughout the country. In 1985 a card dispenser was invented enabling the sale of scratch cards almost anywhere, mostly at retail outlets. In 1995 the UK Lottery introduced scratchcards and at much the same time the online version appeared as online casinos began to grow in popularity.

How do Online Scratch Cards work?

Online scratch cards are very similar to traditional scratch cards, probably one of the reasons they took off. You’ll find them in most online casinos’ games portfolios, and they offer a choice of a wide range of themes – something for everyone.

Choose a theme, place your bet and select a new card. Whereas with traditional scratch cards, you’d use a coin to scratch and reveal the hidden symbols, online you have the option of ‘scratching’ one square at a time by dragging your mouse on it or choosing the “scratch all” alternative.

All games use a computerised Random Number Generator which runs a series of complex algorithms to ensure all results are 100% random. Lottery scratch cards require matching symbols or numbers and progressive scratch cards pay out for specific combinations or sequences.

Why are Scratch Cards so popular?

Scratch cards are super simple to play – all you have to do is scratch, no skill or strategy required! There are bet sizes to suit every bankroll and plenty of chances to win something, ranging from smaller payout to very large jackpots. There are so many fantastic themes to choose from and payouts are instant. The added bonus is that you can play from the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be..

Bonuses and Playing Scratch Cards for free

Some online casinos offer you to play for free to try out the games and at others you’ll play with real money. The games are fun either way and just because you play for free doesn’t mean you can’t win a prize. Online casinos have excellent promotions and bonuses running throughout the year which you can take advantage of when you play online.

Keep an eye out for No Deposit Scratch Card bonuses. One form is by converting the welcome chips you get for signing up at the casino. Another allows you a limited number of free games and so 100% risk free chances at winning because you don’t pay for your card. Naturally there are some terms and conditions to limit players from exploiting these bonuses.

TIps & Tricks

Although scratch cards are purely luck based, there are some guidelines to keep in mind. Always use recommended sites. Make use of the play for free option to get a feel for the game. Choose games with a high Return to Player only. Be sure to review the combinations specific to the game you’re playing and place smaller bets to begin with while you get used to the game.