A Comprehensive Guide To Betting On MMA

Betting on MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has become a popular pastime for sports bettors the world over. The reason for this being a mix of a keen interest in the sport and the world of unique betting opportunities presented by MMA. In order to understand why this is true, it’s important to first determine why it is that anyone would be betting on MMA as a sport in particular. Understanding the reasoning behind the ‘why’ is important and this will enable the bettor to find value bets in some truly unexpected places.

The most important ‘why’ is probably the simplest of them all: bettors want to win. And so, a great place to start would be with a discussion on why betting on MMA is at the moment probably as profitable as what its ever going to get.

Aiming At A Soft Target

Bookies are expertly good at what they do, and this is no secret. It’s not common for them to make mistakes and set really bad lines. But it must be remembered that this sort of expertise did not happen all in a day’s work. Bookies/oddsmakers have been constructing lines on specific sports for an awfully long time and as such, have perfected the craft of doing it right.

You may be wondering at this point what this could possibly have to do with an MMA betting guide. The reason is simpler than you think because since MMA betting is relatively new, and many bookies now having to suddenly set lines for MMA are new at it all too, MMA oddsmakers are more likely to make a ton of mistakes than not. Which is why our very first piece of advice when it comes to betting on MMA – is to bet on MMA.

Mind That Location

Fact: an octagon isn’t an octagon isn’t an octagon. Many people eager to bet on the outcome of an MMA fight pay no regard to where the fight happens to be taking place, therefore working from the assumption that all locations are created equal. This is flawed thinking, and here’s why.

Consider for a minute two factors: altitude and distance travelled. We’ll start with altitude as this is loose hands the more crucial of the two. Anyone who has ever done any form of physical activity (let alone punching and kicking for an extended period of time!) will already have cottoned on to where we’re headed with this. Higher altitudes mean less oxygen, which in turn spells cardio-trouble. A fighter fit and in shape at sea level may severely struggle to hit top form fighting in a city several thousand feet up in the air.

And then of course there’s every traveller’s nightmare: jet lag – a nightmarish thing influenced by everything from distance travelled to the time it took to travel that distance. In fact, even the direction of travel matters. Time zone delays and differences are a heartless mistress.

There are of course many more factors to be considered when betting on MMA, but these here are sufficient to get anyone started.